April 10-12,2024
China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
Beijing,China International Exhibition Center


Time Table

April  10 9:00-17:00
April  11 9:00-17:00
April  12 9:00-16:00
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General Information


China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and conference was founded in 1986 and hosted by  China Association of Environmental Protection Industry . With the concern of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the People's Government of Beijing municipality, strong support from relevant domestic and foreign institutions, and high recognition from domestic and foreign enterprises, after nearly 40 years of careful cultivation, CIEPEC has become the primary platform for communication and display in China's environmental protection industry, and the preferred channel for international environmental protection enterprises to enter the Chinese market.


The exhibition closely revolves around the dual carbon goals, the need to win the battle against pollution prevention and control, industry development needs, enterprise innovation needs, and market entities' needs, selects domestic and foreign advanced technologies, equipments, products, and materials in the fields of green and low-carbon development, pollution reduction and carbon reduction synergy, atmospheric governance, water environment governance, soil and groundwater pollution management, solid waste treatment and resource recycling, noise and vibration control, radiation pollution prevention and control, new pollutant treatment, ecological protection and restoration, agricultural and rural pollution control, marine environmental protection, ecological environment monitoring, ecological environment warning and emergency response, digital intelligence and environmental protection, energy conservation, and new energy.


During the exhibition, conference on the innovative Development of the ECO-environmental Protection industry and more than 30 activities will be held, The exhibition extensively invites domestic and foreign government departments, directors from local environmental protection Agencies, research institutes, academicians,experts,enterprise managers to jointly discuss hot issues such as technological innovation,model innovation, and green development under the "dual carbon goals". 150,000 high-quality professional visitors will attend the exhibition to exchange with all the exhibitors.